Rosenby Engineering develops high-quality solutions for complex problems in the marine industry. The company has obtained valuable knowledge and insight from the founders maritime careers on a variety of positions and ship types. This has driven Rosenby Engineering to develop and engineer The HydroPen that are safe and easy to use for all crews in emergency situations.

The company aims at decreasing risk to personnel, ship, cargo and environment by carefully analyzing the use of their products. This creates value for the customer as products from Rosenby Engineering is by seafarers for seafarers ensuring smooth implementation onboard.


Rosenby Engineering was founded in 2016. The daily operations are carried out by Jesper Rosenfeldt Hansen and Martin Winkel.

The technical innovation facilities are located in Aarhus where the development of new products are undertaken in a fully equipped workshop environment with speedy access to maritime competences.

Rosenby Engineering is as well represented with office and administration in Copenhagen, where all other aspects of the company are maintained.


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