HydroPen® – Innovative fire fighting equipment

“An automatic drilling machine for firefighting in closed spaces or behind structures”


Concept video for shipping containers:

Real-life video for shipping containers:

Penetration time: 24 sec @ 4 bar waterpressure (as seen on above video).
Increased waterpressure equals faster penetration: <8 seconds @ 8 bar waterpressure.


Advantages – ”Why is the HydroPen better?”

  • Fully automated penetration followed by direct extinguishing process
  • Replaces high-risk manual methods of today
  • Using only waterpressure from allready exsisting firesystem/firehose onboard
  • Releases man-power to take care of other tasks in the critical situation
  • The crew can retract to safety immediately
  • Protects the crew and other objects with a watershield during penetration
  • Can be used on any ISO shipping container
  • Fastest penetration compared to other solutions
  • Highest flowrate compared to other solutions
  • Water throw lenght reaches a full 40 ft container
  • More units can be used simutaneusly without need for extra manpower
  • Highly or quickly developing fires can be easier contained by encircleing on surrounding containers


Certifications – “How is it approved?”

HydroPen is Type Approved as a “water mist lance” for marine use onboard seagoing vessels according to SOLAS Resolution MSC 365(93) 10.7. by DIFT – Danish Institute of Fire Technology as recognized test laboratorty by IMO and on behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority.


Patents – “How is it protected?”

The technology an combination of work processes in the HydroPen is patent pending according to the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) administrated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


Technology – ”How does it work?”

  • The mounting method is purposemade to be applicable to any standard shipping container. It is wedged onto the locking bars on the container door for secure and tight attachment and can be done fully by one man only.
  • A hydrodymanic turbine works in combination with the internal technology to control the tension and drive a special made drill and nozzle through the container wall only by the force of the supplied waterpressure from any standard firehose or fireline.
  • When the penetration is completed the internal technology automatically shifts its mode of action by extracting the nozzle directly into the container and opens the watersupply for immediate firefighting.



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