Direct firefighting in stacked containers

Innovative firefighting equipment that can perform fully automatic & direct firefighting in stacked containers.

An industry pain

Today it is not possible to reach and perform direct firefighting in a burning container at heights.
If a fire occurs in one of the stacked containers the crew does not stand a real chance of stopping or fighting the container fire efficiently.
If a container fire is not addressed fast and efficiently it will spread quickly and it can lead to significant human – and financial costs.
The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board, case number: 2013010519

Value proposition

The HydroPen System makes it possible to directly extinguish a container fire at heights on board a container vessel. No other solution on the market can do that today.
It will perform the fully automatically water-based penetration of the container door and afterwards perform direct firefighting inside the container.
Value propositions of the HydroPen System
With a minimum of manual work the HydroPen will be hoisted to the burning container by using the telescopic lift.
The HydroPen System will improve the safety for the crew, the cargo & the ship, and it will help you avoid significant fire related costs.

The HydroPen System – Fighting container fires smarter and more efficiently than ever seen before

The HydroPen System is a new innovative and groundbreaking technology that can fight container fires on board container ships. The HydroPen is a water-based drilling machine. It uses only water pressure from the fire main to drill through a standard steel container door.

The groundbreaking feature of the HydroPen System is its capability to reach containers at heights and to fully automatically extinguish the fire inside the burning container with direct firefighting as soon as it has been mounted on the container door.

The HydroPen
Direct container firefighting at heights

The concept in real-life

What is the HydroPen System?

The concept in real-life

What is the HydroPen System?


Fully automated penetration and fire extinguishing
Automatically changes function from penetration mode to fire extinguishing mode and kills the fire inside the burning container.
A lift takes the HydroPen to the critical container
The telescopic lift makes it possible to reach a burning container at heights. The HydroPen weighs only 9 kilograms.
100% fire main powered - no electricity required
Water pressure from the already existing fire main system on board vessels create a fast penetration and flow rate.
Simple to operate and mount on the critical container
The mounting process relies only on manpower. It requires little training and low maintenance.
Protects the crew, the cargo & the ship
The crew can retreat to safety immediately after mounting the Hydropen System, which enables them to keep at a safe distance. It can be used on any ISO shipping container.
Avoidance of significant cost impact - up to $2 million
Minimizes spread of fire to other containers and the need for deviation from the route. Water throw length reaches a full 40 ft container.

How does it work?





Mounting the Hydropen with the telescopic lift
  • Locate the area with the burning container.
  • Hoist the telescopic lift to the specific burning container by attaching the lift to the locking bars.
  • Winch the HydroPen to the end of the telescopic lift and turn on the water supply from the fire main.


Drilling through the burning container with the HydroPen
  • The water pressure flows into a hydrodynamic turbine, which rotates and drives the automatic drilling process.
  • A hole saw and a nozzle at the end of the HydroPen will penetrate the container.

Auto change & extinguishing

The HydroPen automatically changes mode and spray water inside the burning container and extinguish the fire
  • Once the hole saw and nozzle enter the container, the HydroPen automatically changes mode, shutting off the water supply to the turbine and instead guides the water through the nozzle to spray inside the burning container and creates immediate firefighting.


The HydroPen is Type Approved as a “water mist lance” for marine use on board seagoing vessels according to SOLAS Resolution MSC 365(93) 10.7. by DIFT – Danish Institute of Fire Technology – which is a recognized test laboratory by IMO and on behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority.


The technology and combination of work processes in the HydroPen System is patent pending according to the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) administrated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

About the company & idea

Rosenby Engineering develops high-quality solutions for complex problems in the marine industry. The company has obtained valuable knowledge and insight from the founder’s maritime careers on a variety of maritime positions and ship types. This has driven Rosenby Engineering to develop and engineer The HydroPen System, which is safe and easy to use for all crew members in emergency situations.
The purpose of Rosenby Engineering is to improve container fire safety and conquer the global container fire equipment market. The company aims to decrease risk to personnel, ship, cargo and the environment by solving complex problems with simple technologies.

Rosenby Engineering was founded in 2016. The daily operations are carried out by Jesper Rosenfeldt Hansen and Martin Winkel.

In 2017 Rosenby Engineering won the elite accelerator program for hardware start-ups “Danish Tech Challenge”, which is hosted by DTU Science Park and Industriens Fond. The company was tested on a variety of different topics to ensure that the company had what it takes to become successful in the future. Finally, each of the participating companies was evaluated by a professional jury and Rosenby Engineering was rewarded with the first place and DKK 500.000, which was handed over by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.
Firefighting with The HydroPen

The mission

We want to rethink, optimize and revolutionize the global fire safety within the shipping container industry.

The vision

Our technology will ensure that you will be able to access all shipping containers on land, in open water and stacked at heights. Our technology will be the preferred and most widely used method to fight fires in shipping containers worldwide.

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